Kenyan Woman seeks help,Locked up 4 yrs in Overseas jail for crime she never committed


The Story Of Milcent Akinyi Wanyande (Locked Up in JORDAN the last 4 years)-Like any other Kenyan who leaves the country to seek for “greener pastures” overseas, Akinyi who was born in Kisumu , an orphan with siblings to look after, left Kenya to work in Jordan 🇯🇴 as a domestic worker. The trajectory of her life was about to change to something she never ever expected; JAIL TIME FOR A CRIME SHE NEVER COMMITTED!

The story was brought to my attention last week. I was informed that a lady by the name “Diana Dee” was searching for me. A Good Samaritan then reached out and gave me chilling details of Akinyi’s story.

The story goes that the daughter of the Boss Akinyi was working for smoked Sheesha, a practice her mother never liked at all. One evening, the daughter picked up her habit of smoking Sheesha while the parents were out.

It then turned out that the mother returned unexpectedly and while Akinyi was busy doing her house chores, the daughter rushed to Akinyi’s room to hide her Sheesha but made one big mistake; SHE FORGOT TO PUT THE SHEESHA OFF and eventually the room caught fire. But guess who took the blame; AKINYI!!! According to the information I have, not only was Akinyi accused of “Burning the house” but she was also accused of an extra crime I.e “Stealing”. She was arrested and immediately put in prison!

To you reading this, does this sound fair? Milcent Akinyi has been in prison the past 4 years. Her siblings back in Kenya have exhausted all their efforts. Akinyi was the designated “breadwinner” of this family.

I hereby bring this urgent case to the public attention with one goal; FIGHT FOR HER FREEDOM. Our voices have power, our Kenya Ministry Of Foreign Affairs need to look into this case. The facts needs to be reviewed, the government of Jordan needs to be confronted to re-open Akinyi’s case.

Her former employer (who I understand is a person of INFLUENCE) needs to be questioned. We are talking about “4 Years” here folks! 4 good years!

I have the family’s contacts and will communicate with them this week. Meanwhile, read, share, share, share. We are over 40 million Kenyan voices! Your voice matters, speak up. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Nelson K-Nel Muriuki
President & Founder

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