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Allogant! Pastor Ng’ang’a Blames Social media after viral video


Pastor Ng’ang’a has reached out to media outlets for making him headlines on news bulletin last week over controversial remarks he made to members.

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The city pastor under Neno Evangelism ministries located in Railways Nairobi last week hit headlines after his video in the church went viral.

Ng’ang’a has branches affiliated to Neno ministries and from the video that circulated around, some members from other churches ‘disrespected’ him something which angered him.


“Those pastors disrespecting my wife i will kick you, no matter who you are. Wajinga nyinyi, nyinyi mmekuja kutajirikia hapa kwangu, allogant, lubbish,” the agitated pastor stated.

The video was circulated all over the media but the pastor is not amused at all!

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“Ni utamu gani nyi watu wa media mnaskia kutaja jina ya Ng’ang’a, what do you want after Ng’ang’a? ningetaka kujua,” he posed.

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