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EXCLUSIVE: Sonko launches his TV show at City Hall to finish his terminated JKLIVE interview(VIDEO)


There was mishaps at Royal Media services when Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko took over the JKLIVE prime time show on Citizen TV. And as Jeff Koinange puts it, it was indeed smooooooking!

Photo/ Courtesy/ Twitter

The angry governor who is currently not in terms with Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris went on to expose her more on a live TV show.


It all started on Madaraka day in Pumwani when the two leaders differed, prompting Passaris to walk out on Sonko-led event! She had to leave when Sonko blasted her saying that he was not her husband to be picking calls at any time of the day as she wishes!

Pressure was later mounted on the County chief, with different leaders demanding an apology to Passaris. But Sonko insisted that he owe Passaris no apology. And on Wednesday night, he took the advantage of the JKLIVE show to roast Passaris more.

This prompted Citizen TV to prematurely end the show for editorial and quality purposes, but Sonko insisted that the media house was one sided and didn’t want him to respond to raised queries.

Sonko had accused Passaris of trying to draw double Per diems from the county government and the National Assembly as she performs duties related to her work which to him is corruption. But did he leave it at that point?

Governor Mike Sonko during an interview with Jeff Koinange. Photo/Courtesy/ Twitter

When the interview was terminated, the angry governor went back to City Hall and decided to finish the show. He started right from where Jeff Koinange had left from through a live facebook broadcast with the hashtags #JKLIVE and #MikeSonkoTV.

He connected his phone to a big TV screen and exposed his chats with Passaris. And the issue of demanding the per diem got exposed more in an ugly way.



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