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Africa Must Tell Her Story – Prof PLO Lumumba

“You know, your typical African who has gone to school and who is exposed,does not sleep for two nights when they are interviewed by CNN… and they are quick to say ‘I was interviewed by the CNN!’, not telling that CNN will rebuild one item of news for 30 times in 24hrs.

When they are Germany speakers, they would say, ‘I’ve been interviewed by Radio Deutsche Welle” and that’s a point of bragging.

When they have been interviewed by the French television, they’re proud about it!

But those media houses were created among other things to tell the story of Germany from a German perspective, CNN to tell the story of America from an American perspective, AL Jazeera to tell the story of Arabs from an Arab perspective!

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Where is the media house that tells the story of Africa from an African perspective?”

-Prof PLO Lumumba

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