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Kenya’s Malkia Strikers crowned African Champions after beating Cameroon 3-1

The Malkia Strikers beat Cameroon 3-1 to retain the women’s volleyball title and take gold in a hotly contested final match at the Salle Bouaazaoui Arena on Friday night.

The opening set was a give and take scenario as both sides tied at 5-5 but moments later panic gripped Kenyans as Cameroon capitalised on the situation to take the scores to 10-7.

Coach Paul Bitok made changes, introducing Triza Atuka and Leonida Kasaya but nothing much changed as Cameroon took the set to 16-9 then 18-10.

This threw Kenya into more panic as Cameroon enjoyed a field day, capitalising on basic blunders.

Sharon Chepchumba was then introduced and within seconds changed the matrix with Kenya taking an early 5-1 lead.

Chumba changed the game from the usual hard knocks to brainy drops that troubled the Cameroonians.

This time Cameroonians were receiving a dose of their own medicine as Chumba, Atuka and Noel Murambi turned into terrorists with scores at 10-2 for Kenya.

The charge was on and Malkia Strikers took the game to 14-8 and 18-12 as Cameroon threatened to close the gap.

However, this was never to be as the Kenyans increased the grip to win 25-15 for a 1-1 tie.

There was no letting go in the third set as both sides tied at 3-3, 5-5, and 6-6.

Cameroon tried pacing at 16-13 but the Kenyans would not let it go.

Once again Chumba was the darling of the crowd as she led the team from the front, racing from 18-22 down to tie the match at 24-24 before overtaking to win 26-24.

The fourth set was a miracle as Kenyans raced from 9-15 down to tie the game at 21-21 before overtaking to win the game 25-21.

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