Wamlambez hitmakers Sailors Gang are at it again with another X-rated hit song. The crew has been in the headlines this past week after KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua banned the viral and popular Wamlambez hit song.

The group who confirmed that it’s business as usual despite the ban have stayed true to their word as they released the much-anticipated banger titled ‘Waniame’ about an hour ago.

The song seems to be even more explicit than Wamlambez and fans seem to have had enough of the sexual content being released by the young generation today.

Many fans are calling for the intervention of the KFCB boss on this track as soon as possible. Mr Mutua is known to catch a plague when it has already gone viral instead of snipping it at the bud.

Check out SAILORS- WAINAME (OFFICIAL VIDEO) below;( Youtube link )

Here are some of the reactions from Disgruntled Kenyans

Simon Barasa Mutua should have banned the crew instead of one song from them

Cecilia Wairimu The content is crappy but for some odd reason I found myself vibing to it

Dean Sidney Alexander Crappy songs

Tina Wamuga Iyo pia ni another fucked up song

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Nikko Cliff Nonsense 😠

Lavina Akongo Eeiii jameni

Faith Iman Kings This is a lost generation na wako na moto sana 😭😭😭

Omburo Or Very mediocre songs.

IamJaheem Dennis Haile tumechoka na hizi vitu though!!!….alot of crap!!!

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Samuel Mbogo Kuna siku tuu yaja hawa wanarukaruka na kutingisha viuno watazeeka kama kina cucu wetu tuu its all about time 😂😂😂wainaga nieroragira

Blessed Son KE Sasa mkichukua madem wote warembo sisi wenye bado hatujaanza kuimba tutaimba na wagani

Keight Robin And soon to b banned by mutua.. Wait for it…….

Samwel Ondeto This are just stupid kids without a life nkt

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Blaq Roze Hakuna kitu ingine wanafikirianga😒

Starboy Dismah Hii Ezekiel Mutua ataijua next year January

Mamake Owen wanao inamishwa ndio mafala.I wonder if their parents still alive and see what they are doing🤔

Karimi Diana Lubbish
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Premiuam Savage Where is Ezekiel Mutua? He should ban this song tu
Marksman Evanso This too will be banned. Hasara Kwao

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