Citizen TV Guest Angers Kenyans After Declaring on Live TV she will never date a broke Guy [VIDEO]


One of the guests who appeared on Citizen TV on Saturday, September 7, found herself on the receiving end for talking tough on Live TV.

The TV host, Victoria Rubadiri, had invited a number of panelists to discuss financial instability among the young people targeting campus goers in particular.

One girl, however, stunned viewers when she declared that, in today’s competitive world, girls look up to men for finance and that she would never date a broke person.

“There is pressure to fit in. A lady looks for a man who can offer her financial security. I would never date a broke guy,” the panelist told Rubadiri.

A guest of the station found herself on the receiving end after sternly stating that she could not date a broke guy.

Citizen TV guest who found herself on the receiving end after sternly stating that she could not date a broke guy.

Unimpressed Kenyans, however, got personal with her and took an issue with her dressing style, particularly the hair which was not properly taken care of.

“Why is the panelist so materialistic, there is a difference between a broke guy and a poor guy. Broke is for a short time but poor is associated with a permanent state.

“If you as a lady base your Judgement on this short term thing, then you are misplaced,” shared Steve Tindivale.

“If you are a woman over 30 years and you are still a dependant just like a 5-year-old, then, of what use was the 30 years, you are a disaster to a man with money, you will be a liability in marriage,” added another Twitter user.

“Do ladies go into a relationship to squander there partners resources or to help each other grow,” wondered Imani Carrols.

Below are more screenshots of people’s reactions and a video:

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