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By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

In this space, I have said times without number that H.E. Raila Odinga is among the greatest politicians in the world. He will go down in the annals of our collective history as one of the greatest politicians who ever lived.

Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah and Dedan Kimathi, are among the few African leaders who share traits with Raila Odinga. Ignore Jommo Kenyatta and Nelson Mandela. They were both conmen who never fought for their independences but ended up reaping where they never sowed.

In Kenya, Raila Odinga is an icon of inspiration. He stands out because his decorum and disposition is second to none. Unlike political juveniles like Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, I admire him because he is impervious to criticism. Many love and adore him for his venerability.

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When I look at Babu Owino, I see in him a baby politician whose career is at infancy. It saddens me that he is a political student of Raila Odinga yet he remains naive. By now, he should have learnt a lot from Baba.

Raila Odinga is the most insulted politician in history yet he takes everything as a man because understands the true meaning of democracy. Interestingly, with his integrity intact, he has remained apathetic to the same and has never sought any legal redress against any of his insulters in a court of law. Baba as they call him, is always impervious to every negative oral stone hurled at him. There is no dirty adjective including ‘devil worshiper’ that Raila has never been called.

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But Babu has proved to be a thick student. He is too pedestrian in his thought process; He moonlights in unnecessary tasks by dwelling in misplaced priorities.

It is an open secret that badmouthing is Babu’s stock in trade. To buttress his immaturity, he said our President is the son of bitch. As if that is not enough, the other day in Kibra he called Deputy President Dr. William Ruto ugly names in the name of campaigning for Imran Okoth.

As they say, everyone has a skeleton buried somewhere but I am afraid to say that Babu’s skeleton is now at everyone’s disposal. He’d be better if he learnt to remain silent and speak only when necessary. Else, his treachery will keep on disgracing Raila.

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)

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