REVEALED:Is Roselyn Akombe Returning to Kenya After Years of Exile? (Photo)


Former IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe got Kenyans talking years after being exiled in the United States.

Through a tweet, Akombe hinted on a return to Kenya after leaving the country under controversial circumstances.

The ex-official is pictured in front of a Kenya Airways flight that looks like is set to depart from an unidentified airport.

“Ready…” remarked Akombe.

Her alleged comeback had however been received with mixed emotions by netizens.

Here are some of the reactions:

One netizen identified as  Kenneth Kitavi took a dig at the former official by questioning her on whether she is coming back to be involved in the Kibra race.

“Ready to publicly publish the kibra voter register or what?” questioned Kitavi.

Another social media user angrily responded to her and remarked that she should stay abroad as she is the type of leader that had abandoned the country at a time of crisis.

“For what? You the kind of people we don’t deserve in this country. Left us in time we needed you most. Just jet in silently umalize shughuli zako, hali yetu tunadeal nayo.” expressed a user with the tag follow for a follow back.

The next one to throw a punch at Akombe was a netizen know as Thigwana, who was puzzled by the timing of her alleged return hours after ODM had marched to IEBC offices over denial of the Kibra voter register.


“So you came exactly at the time when IEBC was being harassed by ODM. Ai yawa am trying to piece something Akombe.”

“Help me get the puzzle before alternative media access to the story.” stated Thigwana.

George Kayman declared that,” Come back to Kenya. Your face was shining when you were working for IEBC.

“Now you look pale. Wachana na stress.”

Other netizens on the contrary, welcomed her back to the country.

Charles Mwabili tweeted, ” Welcome home, gracious lady!”

He was backed up by Joe Thiongo who stated that, “Karibu sana our Sister but be very careful with them.”

The 43 year-old had fled the country in 2017 after resigning as a commissioner of the electoral body.

According to Akombe during an interview with BBC, she quit her position after she claimed that the re-run of the 2017 Presidential Election could not meet the basis of credibility and fairness as anticipated.

“The commission in its current state can surely not guarantee a credible election on October 26. I do no want to be party to such a mockery to electoral integrity.”

She later revealed she had returned to work for the UN, a job she had before she took up a position in the IEBC.


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