VIDEO:MP Aisha Jumwa Arrested after chaotic scene in Ganda ward


Aisha Jumwa arrested at her residence in Kakuyuni and she is being taken to unknown destination by high guarded security officers.

Police are questioning Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa after one person was shot dead during a fracas that erupted at the home of ODM candidate Reuben Katana in Ganda ward on Tuesday evening.

Trouble allegedly started after Jumwa stormed the home with a view to disrupt the meeting between Katana and ODM agents for the Thursday’s by elections, saying the campaign period was over.

The deceased Ngumbao Jola, an uncle to Katana, was shot on the shoulder and died upon arrival at Malindi Hospital.

Jumwa said she stormed the meeting that was attended by more than 300 people because it was being held past the campaign period.


Currently, the ODM leaders led by Mombasa Deputy Governor, William Kingi, have camped at Malindi police station demanding the arrest of Jumwa and the goons.

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