REVEALED:How these 4 Tips Made me a Billionaire-Chris Kirubi


Behind every billionaire’s fortune is a gruesome tale of perseverance and in businessman Chris Kirubi’s case, staying loyal to some special tips was rather game-changing.

In his Ask Kirubi series released on Sunday, October 17, by Capital FM, the billionaire advised that there was no quick path to success and that he had to follow the four tips to the later without failure.

“The fallacy of overnight success is something that is not only common with Generation Y but also with those among us who are always looking for the easy way out.

“One of the key causes of abandoned goals is a lack of upfront appreciation for the full price to be paid and this involves a lot more than financial considerations,” explained the tycoon.

Billionaire Chris Kirubi working in his office. He always plans his duties to prioritise the most important.
Billionaire Chris Kirubi working in his office. He always plans his duties to prioritise the most important.

In his own pursuit for success, he revealed that he religiously observed four tips including planning his day, continuously pursuing knowledge, working smart and ensuring that no opportunity goes to waste.

He further explained that by planning his day, he created discipline enabling him to track his progress and achieve as much as he could by having a list of tasks and assign each task a timeline.

“Planning your day will also give you time to schedule impromptu meetings or give you some ‘free’ time to do as you please. When on it, remember to get up early so that you have ample time to go over your current read and get news updates before you go to work,” he explained.

Kirubi also disclosed that no human could gain enough skills or have enough information which is why he continuously pursues knowledge.

“The world keeps progressing and you must research and gain the necessary knowledge to keep up with the changing trends. You must constantly reinvent yourself and your business if you want to succeed. A wise man once said, ‘you cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow,'” he continued.

He also revealed that he always wrote down his duties and determined which ones were important so he could prioritise them

“Anything you do will either bring you closer to your goal or away from it. Do not get caught up in doing little tasks that do not add value to you,” he continued.

He also ensured that no opportunity went to waste. “ake the best use of every opportunity and prepare well for it. It’s unfortunate that most of us do not even have an elevator pitch and end up wasting opportunities when they meet prominent business people. Remember, it’s your first and probably your last chance to make an impression. Do the best you can,” he explained.


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