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Pornography Nearly Destroyed Me – Sam Vidambu


Sam Vidambu is the Founding Director and CEO of Ambigen LTD. He shares with us how he stopped addiction.

While growing up I never knew that at some point I would be addicted to pornography – My cousin always informed me that pornography was evil. But sure enough, pornography became an addiction to me.


I was born and brought up in a remote village in the former western Kenya province. My dad was a Carpenter and sole breadwinner as mom was a full-time housewife.

Despite our extreme poor condition, living below a dollar a day, I manage to join university after my high school education. At this point, I was very naive and feared girls despite the fact that I was born and brought up in a family full of oestrogen, ovulation, and menstruation as I have four sisters.

Campus literally opened my world as I was able to download anything courtesy of the free Wifi. Any time I was idle,  I found myself visiting dirty sites to watch porn. Once, twice, thrice…. and within no time, I found myself deep into the world of pornography.

As time progressed, I became so addicted to it such that I wanted high levels of stimulation to accomplish it. This pushed me further into sex groups and watching more pornographic materials – with the end results being a lack of interest in women.

Turning point

During my third year, I got sick, angry and tired of porn and desperately wanted to move away from it as deep down my heart I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me.

One day as I was in the library downloading a PDF document for revision, I came across this Facebook ad talking about transformation from childhood to adulthood. The ad caught my attention and I started thinking about my childhood life, the good kid I was, the boy who never missed Sunday school, my parents always believed in me etc etc.

Immediately I got the urge to get back and meet that innocent boy – hug him, hold him, tell him that all will be well. I needed to end my relationship with pornography.

Finding A Way.

Stopping any addiction is not easy. I tried to stop the habit thrice but I couldn’t. I tried googling methods to stop but nothing worked.

Later I met this method by Ivan Pavlov which only took me 45 days to completely withdraw from porn addiction. That came with behavioral change and also taking care of the mind because addiction is a disease of the mind. I started connecting with like-minded friends, eating well, reading books, attending seminars, became confident, stayed strong and forgave Myself.

It took me around two years to completely heal from the addiction. After stopping, I became a completely different person, a mentor, a motivational speaker, a role model and as we speak, I have three companies with subsidiaries.

I have shared my story to various platforms, from TV to radio to newspaper articles and also hundreds of High Schools and Colleges telling students yes, it’s possible to stop their addictions.

I have helped thousands of people not only stop sex & porn addiction but also, other forms of addictions ranging from drugs, drinking, among others.

Happiness doesn’t come from watching a porn video, happiness comes from within you as a person.

As a student, pornography affects your performance in class. As a married person, it affects your Marriage.

I know there are some people who say that watching porn is okay but I’ll remind you that watching porn supports drug trafficking, human trafficking, lesbianism, gayism, the spread of STIs and destruction of marriages, among other evils.

Whatever addiction you’re in, you can stop it. Let me help you. I stopped addiction, will you?

Let’s continue with the conversation on +254 743 480435

Sam Vidambu is the Founding Director and CEO of Ambigen LTD.

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