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Woman Divorces Illiterate Husband Who Went Out Of His Way To Fund Her Education


A Zambian woman reportedly divorced her illiterate husband who sponsored her education, saying she is no longer interested in marrying an uneducated man.

The woman who stays in Mansa divorced her husband after he sponsored her to school from Grade 9 to University.

When asked by the court why she was divorcing her husband ‘Vincent’, Maria Tembo said she was no longer interested in marrying someone who was not educated, adding that her friends were laughing at her because the husband was illiterate.

The two got married in 1997 and have two children together. The man had to sell his house he built in 1995 in order to take back his wife to school, ZambianObserver reports.

The wife started Grade 9 and went to university. And after being employed, she decided to divorce her husband in favour of a man she met at university.

The court has since ordered the woman to pay her ex husband K10,000 for abandoning him after sacrificing for her for 10 years.

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