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Picture Of Girl Holding Popcorn Has Left Everyone Completely Confused


We’ve all seen optical illusions that make us feel a little uneasy – they do weird things to our eyes which can leave people feeling a little disconcerted.
This is no different – on the face of it, there’s just an little girl pictured in a park with a cute clip in her hair and a cosy scarf on. But wait… her legs look so teeny and thin.

That’s when you realise she’s actually holding a pretty big bag of popcorn which blends in almost perfectly with the dried-out grass beneath her feet.
The picture has been posted on Facebook and so far it’s received over 230,000 shares with 46,000 reactions and 37,000 comments. So it’s pretty clear that people have been left baffled, just like we were.

Responding to the image, one person wrote: “Holy s***, this pic messed me up for a second, haha. Low key scared the **** out of me, haha.”

Another added: “I thought her legs were like that and was about to call you mean til I zoomed in and took another look.”

A third understandably asked: “Why is the popcorn so invisible at first?”

It’s a given with this picture – once you’ve seen the popcorn, you can’t unsee it. With other optical illusions though, it isn’t that simple.

It is actually the latter but that hasn’t stopped people from announcing their confusion. One person responded: “Holy s***, I could only see the beach and didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking at,” while another added: “There’s even a ship in the distance, what the f***?”

Don’t think there is, mate.

Trying to assist those who weren’t sure what they could even see, one helpful person said: “Don’t know if this will help or if you were kidding, but I’ll try and explain it.

“The dark blueish sky is the tailgate closed, the water below that is the rear bumper I believe, and it’s silver and there is a chip in the middle, then below that is the ground.”

Mystery solved.

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