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Shifting goalposts: Does Sex affect performance in football?


In football, performance is everything, and so is keeping a good name.

A month ago,Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte, who was once a player, asked his players to try and have sex with their wives and partners, as opposed to getting it somewhere else. He told the players to use as less energy as they can.

He argued players would use less energy to satisfy their ‘official’ partners since they are used to each other as opposed to the ‘clandes’ whom they pick for a quickie and have to prove their prowess in the bedroom by trying to match it with what they do in the field of play – under pressure.

The tale of the Brazilian Ronaldo is perhaps the most popular when it comes to this issue. He once claimed in an interview that having sex before a match makes him better.

Before every game, England legend Paul Gascoigne would touch Les Ferdinand [Photo: Shutterstock]

On the other end Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have never slept with a woman before matches during his time at Manchester United. Well, the two did perform in the field of play but we cannot really tell whether the performances are linked to sex before games.

Before every game, England legend Paul Gascoigne would touch Les Ferdinand’s penis because it was bigger than his. He said that he touched the penis once and performed well on the pitch and from there it became a ritual.

Other players find comfort in strip clubs. Don’t be deceived, the allure to visit them isn’t secluded to hip-hop music alone.

Other players find comfort in strip clubs [Photo: Shutterstock]

NBA’s James Harden has had a run of poor results away from home this season and one fan was quick to link the poor results to the quality of the strip clubs in the cities Houston Rockets are playing.

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