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REVEALED:How The Dorcas Sarkozy crime syndicate swindled one of their victims over KSh 4.6 Million


By Innocent Ngare
The Dorcas Sarkozy crime syndicate swindled one of their victims over 4.6 million shillings. We will call this victim Person X due to his public stature.

Person X is a political commentator on Social Media with a HUGE following. In 2017, he strikes a conversation with Dorkas Sarkozy, the ghost UN employee based in New York. In the formative weeks of this relationship, the conversations are around romance.

A few months after the first social media encounter, Person X’s neighbor is involved in a road accident. He shares this with Sarkozy in passing in one of their conversations. Sarkozy sends 20K as contribution towards the neighbor’s medical bills. Trust is built after this kind gesture. However, all this while, Sarkozy insists that conversations be done via text.

In mid-2017, Sarkozy shares a business idea with Person X. She works for the UN in New York and is aware of a fleet of used vehicles that the UN mission in Gigiri is about to sell. Sarkozy sends Person X a fake prospectus. He looks at it and is interested in 9 Toyota Land-cruiser Prados.

Sarkozy tells him to submit an auction bid. He prepares the documents and Sarkozy sets up a meeting with one of her “colleagues” supposedly working at the UN offices in Gigiri. This colleagues would later turn out to be part of this criminal enterprise. Person X meets this colleague at the Java in Gigiri. The colleague is driving a Land-Cruiser V8 with Diplomatic Plates.

After picking the bid documents from Person X, he offers to take him to the UN complex in Gigiri and show him around. They drive into the compound. He is even given a guided tour right inside the UN offices. Person X is convinced that this deal is legitimate.

A few days after the tour, Dorcas reaches out to person X. I need money to oil some hands at our UN office so that you, and only you, can get this bid. The first Western Union transfer made by Person X is 1.6 million shillings. Although the particulars to which the money is sent is not that of Sarkozy, Person X raises no alarm. After being given a tour of the UN complex, you know that the deal is clean.

In the next weeks, Person X would make remittances totaling up to 4.6 million. Something came up after each remittance. We need to pay this person, we need to pay that person as well, or we need to bring in the head of this and that department. He was being played. His last Western Union remittance was 900,000 shillings.

Towards the end of 2017, he wakes up to the fact that something fishy is being orchestrated here. He confronts Dorcas who, up to this point, always finds reasons for avoiding video calls. Sarkozy tells person X that “she” is coming to Kenya for her end of year holidays. A meeting is planned at the Hub Karen.

On the day of the meeting, after Sarkozy’s arrival in Kenya, a message is sent to Person X. “I’m afraid we have to reschedule the meet. The UN has sent me to Rwanda for some urgent business. I have the 12.00 pm flight.” Person X says look, I’ve spent a lot of money on this deal. A 40K ticket to Rwanda is nothing. I’m taking the 2pm flight. Let us meet at Serena Kigali at 6pm. Sarkozy agrees to the same.

Before 6pm, Sarkozy claims that she’s deep inside rural Rwanda. A meeting is impossible. Dejected, Person X comes back to Nairobi. He makes a trip to the UN complex in Gigiri and realizes that the people he met earlier were not employees at the UN. There is no auction of UN vehicles. The officials he speaks to have no idea of any such thing being in existence.

In their next conversation with Sarkozy, “she” claims that her people are playing hardball, and they need a further 1.5 million shillings. This is when Person X asks the million dollar question. “Can you prove that you exist?” Sarkozy turns wild. Person X is blocked on all communication channels.

I know what you are about to ask. Proof of financial transactions? This is a public figure whose business has not recovered since then. His life has been destroyed. Both him and his family cannot stand an episode of public ridicule. I am trying to convince him to allow me to curate the documents in a manner that protects him. But I have seen them with MY eyes.

I will do my best to get you those documents. I don’t stop when I start something. I also promise to expose the real mastermind of this con. A woman you have been lavishing with praise on this forum. A criminal who should be in jail! These are dangerous people. What Steve Ogolla went through pales in comparison to what other victims have suffered.

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