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REVEALED:Exclusive List of prominent Kenyans conned by Dorcas Sarkozy


By Milele-Fm

Many of you have read the story of Delilah and Samson from your primary school bible studies (CRE).

The men below are alleged to have been duped by a Facebook blogger Dorcas Akoth Oketch aka Dorcas Sarkozy many say may be a man or a Nigerian con masquerading as a beautiful Harvard scholar.

All the listed victims failed to observe the basic rule on social media ; “no beautiful woman goes online bothering men instead men go to her” !!!

Verily verily I say unto you my friend ‘if a beautiful woman chats you on Facebook’ please run, that is a Nigerian scammer or our own Kamiti inmates !!

Whereas Steve Ogola, Enock Sikolia, Richard, Ogola and Peter K were all love victims others like Jakakimba, Osiany, Kipkorir, Njoroge were duped to grant her access to political power of which some like Jakakimba refused to board and called her out.

Here is the list

1. Enock Sikolia – Journalist/TV reporter
2. Richard Sonkorite – Journalist /Editor
3. Donald Kipkorir – Lawyer
4. Steve Ogola – Lawyer
5. Silas Jakakimba – Lawyer/political operative
6. Ken Peters Wanyama- Lawyer
7. Dennis Itumbi- Blogger/ ex-Statehouse operative
8. Peter K Koech – Harambee house based political operative
9. David Osiany- Political operative
10. Anwar Sadat – Award winning International blogger
11. Hon Sakaja- Nairobi Senator
12. Silas N – humorist

Others include top Jubilee Cambridge Analyica bloggers whom she duped that she will campaign for Uhuru in 2017 general election
13. Pauline Njoroge- Harambee house operative and Jubilee top blogger since 2012

14. Edith Fortune ex Ministry of Interior blogger (has since moved to Foreign Affairs where she handles waziri Monica Njuma’s online branding)
15. Winnie Mukami (ex NTV anchor and Uhuru 2017 campaign PR lead), she has since been appointed to a parastatal board directorship
16. Alex Chamwada – ex KTN reporter and Cambridge analytica Jubilee coordinator

SOURCE: Milele-fm.com

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