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REVEALED:Events that led to sudden death of Gospel Singer, Papa Dennis


The brother of the late Gospel artist Papa Dennis has revealed events from his perspective that led to the artist’s death.

Simon Mwangi, twin-brother of Papa Dennis, said that he spent the day with him on Friday at Jamhuri. Dennis left for Pangani and later rejoined him at 9 pm after the artist requested him to get him his passport.

They both accessed the studio in Pangani and Simon went to spend time with his friends. When he started looking for Papa Dennis, he was nowhere to be found. Simon initially thought he went to the shop to get something.

Both he and his producer waited for him for hours but did not return. The producer proceeded to call him to bring food but he didn’t pick up the calls.

The studio manager, Luva, called the producer informing him that the security guards found a young man resembling Papa Dennis lying on the ground. The caretaker reported that he heard a person thud against the ground from the upper floors.

Simon and the producer confirmed that it was him and tried to call different ambulance services but took long to respond. According to his brother, Papa Dennis was still alive at the time.

We confirmed that the victim was Papa Dennis, my brother. He was still alive at the time. We called different ambulance services, but they took long to respond. We flagged down an ambulance that was driving past the scene, but it did not stop. Another drove past the area, and it stopped. The medics examined Papa Dennis, and told me: ‘Your brother is dead, we are sorry’.

Simon Mbugua

Credible sources informed Breakingnews.co.ke that the gospel artist was battling depression after being dumped by his management Maliza Umaskini.

He had moved back to living a very simple life in Ngara in a cheap apartment after the management of Maliza Umaskini took away the flashy life he was living.

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