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Signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else


It can be a petrifying experience when you discover that your girlfriend has slept with someone else.

Even if you only suspect that your girlfriend is up to something, it can be unsettling. How can you really tell if she is hooking up with another guy?

There is little in this world that strikes so deep, causing fear and anxiousness to rise up than fearing that your girlfriend has taken a lover.

It’s usually not very hard to spot the signs that your girlfriend just slept with someone else.

The reason for that is that people, in general, are very bad liars and almost always give away various signs of physical and non-physical infidelity.

They do so by trying to conceal their betrayal and pretend that their relationship is better than ever before. Here are some signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. See below:

1)Your girlfriend stopped giving you attention

2)Intimacy is suffering

3)You’ve caught her lying about who she’s with and where she’s at

4)She’s paying more attention to her looks (E.g Her lipstick is wiped off, Her make up is freshly applied)

5)She seems more reserved, quiet, or spaced out

6)Your girlfriend stopped making plans with you and is making excuses

7)You see her going out more than usual

8)You’ve caught her on a dating app

9)She’s continuously texting late at night

10)Body language (E.g She tries to avoid eyes contact with You, he would turn down your advances)

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