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REVEALED:Leaked Conversation Between Sarah Cohen And Justice Sankale Ole Kantai Shocks Kenyans

On Friday, sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) arrested Court of Appeal Judge, Sankale Ole Kantai over his illicit affair with a murder suspect, Sarah Wairimu.

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Sarah Wairimu was the prime murder suspect of the death of Dutch businessman, Tob Cohen whose body was found dumped inside a septic tank inside his Kitisuru home.

Sarah Wairimu Cohen

The two; Sarah Wairimu and Judge Sankale Ole Kantai met at Acacia Premier Hotel in Kisumu and there is evidence of them not only exchanging love messages but also evidence crucial to the case.

Judge Sankale Ole Kantai

The DCI uncovered rather sexual exchange of messages between the two lovers which made everybody shocked, including the detectives.

Judge Sankale Ole Kantai: Good morning. Driver left five minutes ago. He is coming for you.
Sarah Wairimu: Ok love.
Judge Sankale Ole Kantai: Pack mosquito repellent if you have.
Sarah Wairimu: Done. (After several minutes) Hi. Driver has picked.

Upon arriving at Wilson Airport, Wairimu reportedly informed Kantai of her progress again.

Wairimu: Did you get medicated or shall I pick something en route once landed…We are boarding now.
Judge Sankale Ole Kantai: I have cough syrup and lozenges. There is no steam bath here.
Wairimu: Hi hun. I have checked in and now the long wait to boarding.
Judge Sankale Ole Kantai: CU (see you) soon, (a kiss and the classic love heart emojis were added to spice the text).
Many women who know to please a man know exactly the use of lozenges.

Lozenges like strepsils and vicks kingo are mostly used during fellatio by women and this may be the reason Sarah Wairimu was attracting men like a magnet.


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