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Russian police raid homes and businesses in search of Chinese people in bid to stop the spread of coronavirus


(DAILY MAIL) Moscow has ordered police to raid hotels, dorms, apartment buildings and businesses in search of Chinese people as Russia attempts to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Bus, underground and tram drivers have also been told to report if a Chinese person boards their vehicle before handing them a questionnaire asking why they are in the country and whether they quarantined themselves after arrival.

An email that leaked over the weekend suggested that police would also be alerted to Chinese nationals on public transport, though authorities claimed it was a fake.

Moscow’s mayor has also announced that the city will use facial recognition technology to ensure arrivals from China observe a two-week home quarantine.

Since the outbreak of the new virus that has infected more than 76,000 people and killed more than 2,300 in mainland China, Russia has reported two cases. Both patients, Chinese nationals hospitalized in Siberia, recovered quickly.

Russian authorities nevertheless are going to significant – some argue discriminatory – lengths to keep the virus from resurfacing and spreading.

Russia is going to extreme lengths to prevent a coronavirus outbreak - including instructing police in Moscow to raid homes and businesses in search of Chinese people (file image, a Chinese employee of a street cafe in the Urals)

Train, bus and tram drivers in Moscow were also instructed to inform authorities if a Chinese person boards their vehicle (pictured, medics prepare to check passengers arriving in Moscow on a train from Beijing)

Russia has so-far had two confirmed cases of coronavirus, both of whom have recovered, but is taking no chances of the virus spreading further (pictured, workers disinfect a sanatorium after patients in quarantine over coronavirus were allowed to leave)

Bus drivers in Moscow kept their WhatsApp group chat buzzing with questions this week about what to do if they spotted passengers who might be from China riding with them in the Russian capital.

‘Some Asian-looking (people) have just got on. Probably Chinese. Should I call (the police)?’ one driver messaged his peers. ‘How do I figure out if they´re Chinese? Should I ask them?’ a colleague wondered.

The befuddlement reflected in screenshots of the group exchanges seen by The Associated Press had a common source – instructions from Moscow’s public transit operator Wednesday for drivers to call a dispatcher if Chinese nationals boarded their buses, Russian media reported.

A leaked email that the media reports said was sent by the state-owned transportation company Mosgortrans told dispatchers who took such calls to notify the police. The email, which the company immediately described on Twitter as fake, carried a one-word subject line: coronavirus.

Moscow officials ordered police raids of hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and businesses to track down the shrinking number of Chinese people remaining in the city.

They also authorized the use of facial recognition technology to find those suspected of evading a 14-day self-quarantine period upon their arrival in Russia.

‘Conducting raids is an unpleasant task, but it is necessary, for the potential carriers of the virus as well,’ Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a statement outlining various methods to find and track Chinese people the city approved as a virus prevention strategy.

The effort to identify Chinese citizens on public transportation applies not only to buses, but underground trains and street trams in Moscow, Russian media reported Wednesday.


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