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Tanzanian Govt official claims desert locusts were made in laboratories


A Tanzanian government official has claimed the locusts which have wreaked havoc in East Africa were made in laboratories.

Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda argued there were two main weapons one could use to cripple African countries and key among them was biology.

Paul Makonda said someone could be manufacturing the locusts so that people could die of hunger. Photo: Citizen TV.

Makonda, as EATV reported said even as the government deployed various tactics to deal with the voracious feeders, it would not be a surprise if someone was found inside a laboratory manufacturing the insects so that people could die of hunger.

“You may be astonished that as we even find a solution to deal with these pests, someone is seated in a laboratory making them so that they may devour on our crops and people die of hunger,” he said.

The swarms of locusts have taken a toll on East African countries and they first entered Kenya from Ethiopia on December 28, 2019.

They invaded Wajir and Garissa countries and they have so far been spotted in more than 15 devolved units.

A locust invasion has taken a toll on East African countries. Photo: Getty Images.

United Nation’s Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said the locust invasion was a glaring threat to food security.

The United States government also donated KSh 800 million to Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia to help deal with the catastrophe.