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Ugandan Govt intensifies crackdown on opposition leaders

Police in Jinja are currently held up in a standoff with former FDC President, Dr Kizza Besigye after the opposition figure spent a night in the district.

After engaging Bugiri law enforcement officers in running battles on Tuesday, Dr Besigye retreated to Sunset Hotel in Nalufenya B Village, Mpumudde division, Jinja municipality for the night.

He was today (Wednesday) expected to meet traders and leaders of Kazimingi, a market that is home to thousands of perceived FDC loyalists.

However, on Wednesday morning, Police cordoned off the hotel to prevent him from leaving. “They have been here since 6am,” a worker at Hotel Paradise, an affiliate of Sunset Hotel, said.

Dr Besigye, who is said to have checked out at the hotel reception at around 9am and entered his vehicle, was stopped at the gate along Lubogo Road, by police who seemed intent on towing his car away.

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Soon, a cat-and-mouse game ensued, with each party trying to outwit the other.

Each time police positioned its truck to tow Dr Besigye’s vehicle away, he reversed, making the police chain much shorter.

This ‘game’ went on until Police put spikes on the road which have punctured one of the front tyres of his vehicle.

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