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REVEALED :Luxurious Lifestyle of Main Suspect in Ksh317 Million Con Game at DP Ruto’s Office

A businessman who owns Makindu Motors recently claimed that he was conned Ksh317 million in a fake laptop tender deal orchestrated in the office of Deputy President William Ruto.

Stephen Ngei Musyoka, in an exclusive with Opera News, alleged the deal was orchestrated by one Allan Kiprotich Chesang, a man who even set up their first meeting at a local joint in Karen, Nairobi.

Opera News went out of the way to investigate who Mr Chesang is; the man who hangs out with the prominent and untouchables in the country.

Mr Allan Chesang. Photo/Courtesy

In his native home in Kwanza Constituency, Trans Nzoia, he is known as a politician, charity worker and entrepreneur and if photos he keeps posting on his official Facebook accounts are anything to go by, then he is a well-connected man, always hanging out with the who is who in this City.

To Kwanza constituents, he is a saviour who always acts whenever the need arises, but to Mr Musyoka, Chesang is the genesis of his financial woes that saw him lose Ksh317 million.

Until over 600 laptops were recovered at his Loresho home in Nairobi, Mr Chesang had never been dragged into any crafty deal but now, he is in court fighting to clean his already soiled reputation.

Whenever he is home, many enjoy his company as he never shies from using his ‘deep pockets’ to bless his followers with drinks and meals.

Mr Allan Chesang. Photo/Courtesy

Where he gets his money from remains a mystery and those known to him from his old days at St Anthony Kitale and Moi University only live to dream of making it in life like they think he has.

When it comes to his taste for cars, if he is not in a Range Rover, then he is driving an E-class Mercedes Benz, which are either fitted with stickers from the office of the Deputy President or those that are preserved for Members of Parliament.

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It is not clear how Mr Chesang is able to access the stickers and it remains a mystery to detectives who raided his house and found them mounted on his two high-end cars that were towed to Central police station Nairobi and later given back to him.

Chesang is clearly harbouring political ambitions evidenced by the kind of messages and videos that he keeps uploading on his official Facebook account.

Mr Allan Chesang. Photo/Courtesy

For instance, on November 11, 2019, he uploaded a video on his Facebook page where he told locals he was out to ensure the area MP fulfils promises that he made during the last general election.

Kama bado anataka kiti tutagwarusana ama namna gani, la maana kwangu ni lazima mzee afanyie watu wangu kazi (if the MP still vies for the seat in 2022 we shall go toe to toe, but for now he needs to work for my people),” he says in the video.

Opera News has established that the suspect also runs a foundation; Allan Chesang Foundation, which is involved in various activities that include; anti-jiggers campaign in Kwanza constituency, purchasing sanitary pads for girls in Primary and Secondary schools, footing hospital bills and also paying school fees for the needy.

Mr Allan Chesang. Photo/Courtesy

The words of encouragement that he keeps sharing on his official Facebook page are contrary to his actions as far as the laptop saga is concerned.

“When you refresh others, you will be refreshed. If you want your dreams to come to pass, help somebody else’s dream come to pass,” one of his posts on Facebook reads.

He also runs a website; Allan K Chesang where he introduces himself as a prolific and savvy businessman who values strategic investment and diversification of business portfolio.

Mr Chesang further states that he runs companies in diverse areas as trading, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and petroleum, transport, import and export.

On September 25, 2018, he was among Kenyan entrepreneurs who held a meeting with the President of Kosice Region Mr Rastislav Trnka. In the same meeting was Simon Kachapin who is the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Energy.

The following day, he still accompanied the CAS to Vernet Behringe, a UK-based company where they met with the officials.

Mr Allan Chesang during the meeting. Photo/Courtesy

Our investigations reveal that he is a close ally to a seating city MP and ahead of the last elections, he frequented the Harambee Annex building where DP William Ruto’s office is based.

Before his first arrest in 2018, Chesang’s home was raided by detectives and he conspicuously went missing before he resurfaced in Dubai and shared his images in high-end places.

In 2019, he was arraigned in court but the matter has remained under with the businessman who delivered the laptops wondering how he will pay a loan he took from a local bank.

Musyoka, who was conned in the laptop tender, told Opera News that Mr Chesang was one of the suspects behind the entire con game.

“Whenever he came to pick the laptops he was accompanied by two armed police officers after that he vanished never to be seen again until he was arraigned in court,” he divulged.

So sad is Musyoka’s case that it recently caught the attention of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu who raised concerns about it in a letter addressed to DP Ruto.

A name search on Google leads one to a number of fraudulent cases reported by various media houses where Mr Chesang is involved.

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When contacted for his side of the story, Mr Chesang denied any wrongdoings stating he was only dragged into the matter after the machines were found in one of his houses in Nairobi, where he is a landlord.

“I am a landlord and the machines were found in one of my tenants’ houses that is how I was dragged into the matter,” he noted, claiming that he did not even know Mr Musyoka.

Mr Allan Chesang. Photo/Courtesy

Here is a video that was taken in August 2018 when police officers raided Mr Chesang’s home;

Credit : DailyActive.Info

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