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Zimbabwean pastor Bushiri Unlocks Random Phone to Prove that He is a Prophet(VIDEO)

Zimbabwean Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been making headlines after he was seen unlocking a worshipper’s phone via prophecy.

In a viral video posted by Zimbabwe today, the prophet is busy doing his rounds in the church to perform miracles. He bumped into a man that wanted his phone unlocked without telling the prophet about his password.

Sir, I will put myself password, says the Prophet Bushiri. 

He took the phone and just unlocked it. The congregants were left in shock and disbelief but some of them did not fall for his ‘prophecy’ tricks.

Here are some of the reactions;

My brother can open your phone without your password. How do you do it I asked him. He said I followed the marks you left on your phone, your phone always has residue oil on it from lotion or Vaseline. But what he can’t unlock is the password with numbers or letters. “Pastor” Or “Prophet “ Bushiri should impress by unlocking codes and passwords not patterns 

Sometimes people are fools u just be happy dance foolish things if I may ask I this word of God preached in your or just foolish arrangement of miracles?”

So if this what you call miracles I’m opening my church.”

This has nothing to do with God but Bushiris love for money and fame using his name.”

“Iyeee these papa followers call this a miracle.”

Dude shepherd a 4-year-old kid can swipe a phone password, it’s only the fools you have in your shrine who will believe such nonsense.”

With this, I doubt if there is any God at all anywhere. Does he have any responsibility for anything?”

Eish, u people u believe in miracles that’s why u put pressure on Major 1 to come out with something every time.”

So how does dat going to help each and every person who was on dat service with?

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