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American Televangelist urges Christians to continue tithing even if they lose their jobs due to coronavirus


Following the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, many countries have enforced mandatory quarantine in other to contain and control the spread of the virus which has claimed the lives of thousands.

– An American televangelist has left social media buzzing over his tithing comments – Identified as Kenneth Copeland, he urged Christians not to stop tithing even if they lose their jobs due to coronavirus

– According to the man of God, quarantine should not stop Christians from paying their tithes. 


While churches have been instructed to close down, an American man of God is letting Christians know that nothing should stop them from paying their tithes, not even if they lose their jobs.

Identified as Kenneth Copeland, he recently spoke on the issue of the virus which he claims God revealed to him would be over soon. While speaking on how it has affected people and their means of livelihood, he stated that they have no cause to worry if they put their trust in God.

Speaking on the restricted movements in the country, he stated that people should not worry about losing their jobs as that is not where their source is, but God. Looking into the camera, he warned Christians not to stop tithing, no matter the situation. He stated that if they can’t physically visit the church, they should make e-transfers.

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