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Amara Emerges Top in Vihiga MCA’s Performance Polls.

Elisha Gaye Amara has been voted as the best performing Member of County Assembly representing South Maragoli Ward in a just concluded poll survey.

According to the poll results, the house’s Vice Chair Implementations committee carried the day after gunning a total of 238 votes that represented 19.92% of the total cast votes. He was closely followed by his Gisambai counterpart Hon. Erick Odei who realized a total of 231 votes which was 19.33% of the total vote cast. Emabungo’s Moses Opole, Central Maragoli’s Evans Chunguli and North Maragoli’s Dominic Baraka closed the top 5 list with 168, 166 and 122 votes respectively.

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The two day online strawpoll survey that ended yesterday (Friday 19th) had its variables pegged on use and implementation of the 20M Ward Based Development Fund and Legislation.

Hon Amara scored highly on legislation due to the number of bills on health he foresaw in his tenure as the chair house Health committee. Hon. Odei and his North Maragoli counterpart Hon Baraka in their case scored higher in putting to good use the 15 Million Ward Based Development Fund in the last FY 2019/20.

On the contrary, Wemilabi’s Patrick Akwale, West Bunyore’s Manoah Osore and Calystus Ayodi of Muhudu held the last position with two votes each for performing decimally in both legislation and improper use of 15M Ward Based Development Fund in the FY 2019/20.

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The poll had all the 25 elected members of the County Assembly of Vihiga and saw a total of 1195 persons participating.

The poll results are the subjective opinion of Strawpoll and MAY not necessarily be representative.

Via Collins Muzame Tish

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