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Viral Video shows man having a meeting with animals ; excites netizens


A South African man has left the country in stitches after a video of him having a meeting with his livestock went viral.

The video which was uploaded to Twitter by @CherrolNgobese earlier yesterday has gained over 4,000 views.

The animals are seen gathering in front of the man and what makes it truly funny is the seriousness in his voice whilst addressing them.

The animals stand still as though they are listening intently.

Briefly.co.za translated the hilarious video:

“We are in a meeting now. I called this meeting to let you guys know I don’t have your maize yet. I came home late yesterday and I couldn’t buy it. I’m going to head to Stanger (north of Durban) now to buy some for you guys. I hope you understand.”

Mzansi tweeps took to the replies section to express their feelings on this weird meeting.

@Gupptor wrote:
“At least its a more organised meeting with one person speaking and putting across a clear point without having anyone disturning shouting and screaming, “Sit down honourable member”, “Withdraw delela”, “Your suit is as if this is our perfect wedding”…”

@ManuelTsidi said: “One of them said, why are you filming me and walked away from the camera.”

@EmbeeMalema retweeted with this caption in reference to the political novel by George Orwell: “Animal Farm.”