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Angry Wambui Collymore Responds To The Standard Over Husband’s Will Story


Popular Kenyan media, The Standard broke the headlines today after revealing the content regarding Bob Collymore’s will. But the did not go down well with Wambui Collymore who told off the media urging them to find other newsworthy stories.

The Standard had indicated fine details of the large amount of money and shares the late Bob Collymore had left under her name and those of her children.

She wrote on her twitter that her private life should not be a a newsworthy story and that journalists should seek to do great stories that empower rather than focusing on her.

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Wambui Collymore also reveals that for so long she has turned down many interviews more than she has accepted. She indicated that mostly her interviews are focused on the work she does that gives people hope.

“I have done some interviews and turned down a lot more than I have accepted. Often my interviews are focused on the work I do in the hope that it educates and empowers others.” wrote Collymore.


She further goes ahead to remind the media that their work should inform, educate and empower and enhance critical thoughts that drive positive change.

“As I understand it, the job of media is to inform, educate and empower. This is the essence of a free press – to enhance critical thought and then to drive positive change.” wrote Wambui Collymore

She also highlighted stories that have been done which should be prioritised by many media houses rather than focusing on the elites.