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Sen. Cleophas Malala says Govt is using ‘Revenue Sharing Bill’ to influence 2022 politics


Outspoken Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has hinted that the national government is planning to use the OneManOneVoteOneShilling formula to influence 2022 politics and beyond.

According to Malala, the National Government is planning to introduce virtual constituencies after the bill has passed.

He says the plan is to value constituencies based on the number of people in each. The new tactic will influence the sharing of CDF money and politics come 2022 and ahead.

For Instance, a Constituency with, many people virtually will be allocated more than other constituencies.

“For instance, an MP from Garissa town constituency with 50,000 people will have one vote in the national assembly while an Mp from Nyeri Town constituency with 250,00 people will have 5 votes in the national assembly. This will help push the agendas of the national government. For example, if we have to vote for a prime minister, regions with many people will always have an upper hand in deciding who becomes the prime minister since most of their MPs will be having many votes as compared to other regions”. Said Malala during a radio interview with Citizen Radio.

The vocal senator who has said he won’t and will never support the OneManOneVoteOneShilling formula adds that the introduction of virtual constituencies will also affect the sharing of CDF money since money will be shared based on how many people each constituency has.

He says a constituency with 50,000 people will get 100m while that of as many as 300,000 will get 600 million. This, he says, will cause more disunity in the country more than before.

“I as a youth leader, cannot support that. This will lead us to the Somali way where they are fighting for resources. We as, youth leaders, we cannot support that.” Said Malala.

Malala also added that the reason why he has been threatened by the people he calls policemen is because of his stand against the proposed formula. He says, he did not invite the police to arrest him as claimed by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Since we started the discussion on revenue formula, I have been intimidated, I have been threatened and I have reported all to the police. I think it was a tactic to divert my attention. The government only needed two votes to pass the proposed formula. I am among the senators who voted against it.” he said.