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Why you should Delete these 17 apps from your android phone ASAP, Google Playstore warns


Today Pradeo,an official at Google Play once again identified infected application on Google Playstore and advised all android users to get to delete them as soon as possible from their phones to avoid malicious effects.

The store,showing its hardwork in trying to fight malware activities had in July this year deleted some infected apps and also advised their users to delete them from their phones.

Google play has said that a malware called ‘Joker malware’ has invented some of it applications where users are required to pay some fees for premium upgrade and on the process get to access their credit cards and drain out their money without the users’ consent.

After deleting the below listed applications,users are required to check the balance of their credit cards if all is well.We are all advised to first check if an application is approved by Google Playstore before getting to download it on our android phones.

The apps include;

1.Convinient scanner 2 with 100,000+ downloads

2.Separate doc scanner with 50,000+ downloads

3.Safety Applock with 10,000+ downloads

4. Push message – text and SMS with 10,000+ downloads

5. Emoji wallpaper with 10,000+ downloads

6.Fingertip gamebox with 10,000+ downloads










The ‘com……’ are links that are used to download apps from google Playstore.

The app name can be retrieved from the link like from ‘com.files.recoveries’ the app name is file recoveries.