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REVEALED :DP Ruto’s camp now planning to work together with Raila



  • Mr Odinga’s former aide Eliud Owalo, who is Dr Ruto’s new catch, claims the ‘system’ is not ready for Mr Odinga presidency.
  • Former PM and the DP were on the same side in 2007, when they gave retired President Mwai Kibaki a run for his money.

Plans to have Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga work together for the sake of the 2022 elections have been mooted with the DP’s aides lining up a series of activities to reconcile the leaders.

The once bosom friends-turned-political foes worked together in 2007 elections giving retired President Mwai Kibaki a run for his money in an election that was highly disputed.

They later fell out ahead of the 2013 elections, with Dr Ruto opting to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Nation has now established plans by the DP’s allies to reach out to Mr Odinga ahead of the 2022 polls, on grounds that his deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta is not viable.

Already, the DP has planned to tour Luo Nyanza next week, in what insiders say will be his charm offensive to woe the region, which forms one of Mr Odinga’s main support bases.

This even as Mr Odinga’s former aide Eliud Owalo, who is Dr Ruto’s new catch, claiming that the ‘system’ is not ready for Mr Odinga presidency “but is only interested in making him help achieve the changes in the constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).”

Famous ‘Handshake’
“That is why we are urging Mr Odinga to work with Ruto to enhance neighborhood between the Luo and the Kalenjin community,” Mr Owalo said during a morning radio talk show on Nam Lolwe FM on Friday.

He pointed out that Mr Odinga will not gain from his famous ‘Handshake’ with resident Kenyatta “since they say Mount Kenya region is not ready to rally behind him.”

Mr Owalo, who joined the DP’s camp from the Amani National Congress (ANC) on Monday, claims Mr Odinga has no chance for endorsement by the president, adding that the system “is keen on having a weaker candidate who can easily be manipulated.”

“The fact is that Kenya’s elections are characterized by tribal voting patterns and every candidate must enter into a coalition. There is nothing wrong if Mr Odinga works with the DP in 2022,” said Mr Owalo.

Deceit and conmanship
He told members of the Luo community not to be hoodwinked as they would face another politics of “deceit and conmanship.”

“We have witnessed politics of betrayal in this country many times since independence. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta betrayed Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and we all know what happened after former Attorney General Charles Njonjo helped Daniel arap Moi become President,” said the former Prime Minister’s one-time aide.

He pointed out that even Mr Odinga was betrayed by former president Kibaki after he aided him to become president in 2002.

“So this country is characterized by politics of betrayal but this time round we must not allow our community to be used as a ladder for some people,” Mr Owalo said.

He disclosed that Mr Odinga and Dr Ruto have both had their share of betrayals by the ‘system’ hence the need for them to work together and capture power in 2022.

Decamped from ANC
“We must not only rely on the handshake because I have seen signs that it won’t help achieve anything. The Luo community must not carry all their eggs in the same basket.

“Let us have different scenarios and that is why I’m saying it is important for Raila to work with Ruto, who remains ahead in most of the opinion polls conducted since March.”

Mr Owalo also said BBI is only meant to create positions to a clique of leaders but “has nothing to do with enhancing inclusivity and giving equal opportunities for all Kenyans.”

Mr Owalo explained that he decamped from the Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC since the party has only good strategies on paper but no clear implementation agenda.

“Action oriented politics and coalition building is the way to go in Kenya. In ANC, there is lack of decision-making and the implementation remains poor.”

“You cannot succeed as a lone ranger and through press conferences or by waiting to be given leadership on a silver platter,” added Mr Owalo.

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