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REVEALED :Why CJ Maraga wants president Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament


The Chief Justice, David Maraga, has told President Uhuru to dissolve the Parliament. This is because they have failed to enact the two-thirds gender rule.

The two-thirds gender rule was one of the main gains of the 2010 Constitution. It was lauded by human rights groups, civil societies and international bodies.

The National Assembly failed in February 2019 to enact the Gender Rule. The Parliament did not pass the bill despite the deadline having passed.

The bill seeks to make it illegal for any gender to hold more than two-thirds of the electoral positions. This should also trickle down to the employment sector.

According to Article 261 (7), if Parliament fails to enact the bill within the stipulated timelines, the President should dissolve Parliament and an election be called for.

This Parliament has been disappointing. Senate has also been unable to agree on the division of revenue formula. This has paralyzed operations of the county governments.

Should President Uhuru dissolve the Parliament?