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REVEALED :Why Furious Uhuru telephoned DP Ruto at night

By Weekly Citizen
The sour relationship between Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto has reached the breaking point after a furious head of state telephoned his second-in-command at night to reprimand him over misconduct. The president was livid after learning that Ruto had set up a parallel government where some security officials are loyal to him.

Oscar Sudi

According to reliable sources privy to Weekly Citizen, president Uhuru Kenyatta first called Ruto on the night of Sunday, September 6 before making another call on the night of September 12 to chastise his deputy over misconduct that was bringing ridicule to the presidency.

In the September 12 call, Uhuru got incensed after intelligence reports reached him that Ruto was shielding Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi from arrest by hiding him in his Sugoi home. The security team involved wanted a greenlight from their bosses to invade Ruto’s residence and arrest Sudi. It is on these grounds that the head of state was reached to make a decision. Instead, Uhuru in a diplomatic way to avoid high political tension if the police raided Ruto’s residence called the DP telling him to have the MP surrender. Sudi was to surrender the following morning claiming to have been holed up in Keiyo Marakwet.


Johanna Ng’eno

Sources say that it is Ruto after Uhuru’s call who prevailed upon Sudi to surrender as the MP had planned to do so on Monday. The reports indicated that the man who had been mandated to lead the operation, Uasin Gishu police commander Johnstone Ipara was afraid to take action.

Further, the president was told that police had arrived at Sudi’s home at around 8:30 pm on Friday but could not gain entry into the compound since some members of the elite presidential guard who had escorted Ruto to his Sugoi home, and who were heavily armed, were in the compound ready to stop the arrest. Unlike their regular counterparts who are trained locally, the presidential guard drawn from the elite Recce squad is drilled in Israel, the US and the United Kingdom with extreme combat skills.

Mama Ngina

The report the president got also detailed how MPs allied to Ruto had mobilized the residents to block roads and place other obstacles to stop Sudi’s arrest. Further, the president was furious after an unsuccessful raid on the MP’s home that Saturday morning left a GSU officer and a civilian with injuries. He was also irked to learn that upon entry into the compound, unknown people had shot at police from inside injuring Constable John Muiruri.

Sources say the report relayed to the president by intelligence officers notified him how a presidential guard attached to his deputy with the help of two others had fooled the police surrounding the compound and managed to sneak Sudi from his home, ferrying him all the way to the deputy president’s residence in Sugoi.


Didmus Barasa

The report stated that the three officers had escorted the DP to his residence where they handed him over to the GSU officers guarding his Sugoi residence before they left to join Sudi at his house kilometres away.

In the call made at around midnight, a furious Uhuru told Ruto to surrender Sudi to the police immediately or else he would command the Recce unit to go for him inside the DP’s compound.

The president, insiders added, was acting on information that the presidential guards who were later identified as Simon Siengo, Issack Dida and CI Ekuru had been dispatched by the deputy president to Sudi’s home to help him escape. After dropping Ruto at Sugoi, the three guards proceeded to Sudi’s house aboard two motor vehicles, a Toyota Prado registration number KBU 893V and Toyota Allion registration number KBR 257S.

Caleb Kositany

Upon entry, the police did not find Sudi but found two officers, Siengo and Dida while the third had fled with the MP. Sudi surrendered to Langas Police Station on Sunday at about 8 am in the company of a lawyer and MPs Caleb Kositany (Soy), Cornelius Serem (Aldai) and Didmus Barasa (Kimilili), among others. He was taken to Nakuru where he was charged. He was denied bond for seven days before being released by the High Court where he made an application. Siengo, Dida and Ekuru are now facing disciplinary action. Sources say in another call made on September 6, Uhuru was irked after Emurrua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno hit out at him over the wrangles in the Jubilee party. The Kanu MP had told the president to work with Ruto “or dissolve the government and go home”.
“You are not Kenya and Kenya is not Kenyatta’s or Mama Ngina’s land.

Cornelly Serem

This land belongs to 47 million Kenyans, you cannot run it as you wish,” the legislator thundered the bitter truth at the president. Irked by the remarks, Uhuru demanded to know from Ruto why his allies were tarnishing his mother’s name, noting that she has never engaged in politics to warrant any attacks.

Immediately after the call, Ruto tweeted where he called for an end to resurging name-calling and insults targeted at the president. “Leaders should exercise restraint and avoid insults and bad language against other Kenyans. Unsavoury remarks against mothers and head of state is a NO, NO. No amount of anger justifies the use of offensive insulting language. There exist decent ways to communicate, however, one feels,” the DP tweeted at night.

Johnstone Ipara

Ruto’s remarks contradicted the move taken by his ally Sudi who had defended Ng’eno, saying the president has sidelined his deputy after ushering in ODM leader Raila Odinga. But Ruto demanded total respect to Uhuru from his allies. Earlier, Ng’eno had been arrested by police officers in Transmara East over his eruption on Mama Ngina and charged in a Nakuru court. He is out on bond. The wave of unpalatable words against Uhuru and his mother came in the wake of remarks by Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko who dismissed Ruto as a clerk in government. Kenyans wonder why Mama Ngina has suddenly become a factor with some saying that she is the power behind the throne and as it is to her that the frustrations of Kenyans are being directed.

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