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Jubilee MP dares DP Ruto to Resign for fighting Huduma Namba Initiative

DP allies alleged plot to use NIIMS to rig 2022 presidential poll


National Security committee chairman Paul Koinange (Kiambaa MP) on Monday told off the Tangatanga brigade for discouraging citizens from being listed.

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies are being hypocritical with their claim that the Huduma Namba registration is a plot to rig the 2022 elections, a House committee chairman has said.

In a hard-hitting statement to the press, the lawmaker said the DP can as well quit government if he fundamentally disagrees with its policies.

The government intends to conduct a second listing to cater to the about 10 million whose details were not captured in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS).

There are grumbles on the Ruto side of the political divide amid their allegations that the system is being used to rig the 2022 polls.

Koinange said such assertions smack of a group that has no winning strategy saying he wondered why the lot has not taken the matter to House committees where they are members.

“Elections will not be won on computers and servers. They will be won by convincing wananchi…talking of rigging elections two years to the vote is a sign of people who do not have a winning strategy,” the lawmaker said.

He said most of those who called for boycott are being dishonest with their call as they were among the first to be registered.

“In fact, the DP and his MPs were among the first to elist. It is therefore hypocritical for them to ask the public not to register,” the Security committee chairman said.

Koinange added: “If Huduma Namba is bad, why did they register for it. Wananchi are very wise and can see through his hypocrisy.”

He dissuaded Kenyans against perceiving NIIMS as a Jubilee project saying the same stemmed from MPs amendments to the Registration of Persons Act in 2018.

The MP said the process started with the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on Integration of Population Register Systems formed by President Mwai Kibaki’s administration in September 2005.

“The task force recommended a unique number for all people in this country. This had nothing to do with Jubilee or elections,” Koinange said.

The Kiambaa lawmaker asked those with evidence of graft in the NIIMS project to present the same to the relevant authorities.

“Most of those loudly complaining about corruption sit in parliamentary committees that have the mandate and capacity to investigate any form of corruption. Why have they not taken the matter there?” he asked.

Koinange said the DP allies want to sabotage the project ‘to score cheap political goals’. “That is the highest level of hypocrisy and double-speak.”

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