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Frustrated Nigerian graduate burns all his certificates after failing to secure a job

A young Nigerian graduate identified as Usman Abubakar has reportedly burnt all his certificates including National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), University degree, and WAEC certificates over inability to secure a job.

Part of the certificates burnt by the young graduate from Katsina state included the ones he obtained from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), higher institution and secondary school.

According to reports on various Hausa Facebook pages, the frustrated young Nigerian tore all the certificates and set them ablaze because he was unable to secure a job since graduation

The young man gathered all the certificates, tore them into pieces before setting them ablaze. Pictures of the ruined certificates have emerged on social media.

Usman is not the first Nigerian graduate to do this, recall that in 2019, a graduate burnt all his certificates, saying school is the biggest scam in the world.

In a video shared online, he was seen burning all his school certificates from Junior High School to the University level.

It should be noted that unemployment is one of the issues facing the country, and Nigerian youths are already thinking out of the box instead of waiting for white collar jobs.

Nigerian youths are now acquiring skills even while in the higher institution so as to have something to fall back on if finding a job proves difficult.

In other news, a 33-year-old lady identified as Dr Helana Darwin has taken to Twitter to express sadness over being unemployed despite having two masters degrees and a PhD.

Dr Darwin said she feels like she went about her 20s all wrong, adding that higher education may be overrated.

She wrote:

“How am I 33 with two MAs and a PhD and still so precariously situated on the job market? I feel like I went about my 20s all wrong… maybe-just maybe-higher education is overrated?”

According to her, being unemployed transcends disciplines, adding that it is systemic.

She wrote: “As a sociologist, I’d like to encourage everyone weighing in here to zoom out and resist neoliberal individualist discourses. This phenomenon transcends disciplines. It is systemic. It’s no one person’s fault.”


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