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Raila doesn’t love me anymore, Embattled MP cries out

Politico accuses a party leader of driving a wedge between him and the ODM boss


  • A politico has been complaining that he is no longer the darling of the party leader and how an area leader has driven a wedge between him and Raila.
  • A down-and-out former lawmaker is desperately putting on a show – publicly withdrawing a bundle in the morning and giving it to his aide – then rushing to redposit the money later.

An MP has bitterly complained that he is no longer informed or invited whenever ODM leader Raila Odinga visits the area.

According to The Star,the legislator who is serving his third term was once the darling of the party leader and could not be missed in his entourage when the Opposition chief visited the region.

Besides, he used to play a key role in such visits. But it seems things have changed and he is nowadays persona non grata around the ODM leader.

A little bird on Monday eavesdropped on a conversation in which the politico was bitterly complaining about how one of the area leaders has managed to drive a wedge between him and his party leader.
Street talk.

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