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Businessman Jackson Kibor Endorses Raila Odinga For President 2022


By Charles Kagane
Controversial Eldoret billionaire Jackson Kibor and who is currently 86-year-old has endorsed Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Odinga’s Presidency issuing strange remarks about his life.

Mr Kibor and who spoke to the Star has informed that if he was to choose between Raila Odinga, William Ruto’s Presidency then, he would ask Kenyans to rally behind the ODM party leader’s statehouse bid in 2022.

According to Kibor, he has described Raila Odinga as a very wise person who means very well for this country asserting that it would be good even if the former prime minister is given a chance to lead this country even if it means as a “peoples president.”

“I know Odinga as a very wise person who means very well for this country,” Kibor said.

The veteran politician has asserted that for the Deputy President he has witnessed something indefinite claiming that, that is why he cannot endorse him as Kenya’s fifth President.

Kibor has explained that despite visiting the DP and asking him to humble himself and respect his boss he has shown defiance.

“I once went to Ruto’s home in Eldoret where I told him he should humble himself and be wise if he wants to lead. I regret he is the opposite of that,” the veteran politician said.

Speaking about his life, Mr Kibor has informed that he has lived a good life and which he cannot regret. He has continued to assert that he is too ready for his death and he will certainly ensure he leaves having prepared his family of 4 wives and 26 children.

“My background was horrible but that is in the past and I have no regrets because that life made me who I am today,” Kibor said.