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19-year-old Kenyan socialite in Footballer Wanyama sex story dares him to continue with legal suit threats

The teenager who claims she had a sexual relationship with Victor Wanyama in exchange for Sh700,000 has stood by her word despite threats of a legal suit from the star footballer.

In fact, the 19-year-old socialite, who goes by the name Shakila, has issued threats of her own via social media.

“Any claims raised (in relation to the incident) will not be taken and dealt with personally,” she wrote.

Shakila turned into an overnight sensation with scandalous claims over her sexual escapades with several Kenyan celebrities including Wanyama, rapper Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul, and Otile Brown.

She made the claims in an online interview with controversial blogger Xtian Dela, whose real name is Aurther Mandela.

Wanyama revealed he will sue 19-year-old socialite Shakila after she claimed he paid her £5,000 for sex.

A video circulated on social media recently which claimed the ex-Spurs midfielder had paid the teenager for a one-night stand.


Shakila has since apologised to rapper Khaligraph but maintains that she rest of her claims are true.

Wanyama has hit back at ‘false’ claims he paid a socialite for sex Credit: Getty – Contributor

“I’m being forced to do this public apology cause I damaged @khaligraph_jones public image by whatever that I said yesterday due to influence of alcohol and reverse psychology. Papa Jones am sorry. The rest mentioned were true.”

Shakila claimed Wanyama paid her £5,000 for sex – with the Kenyan footballer strongly denying the claims

Wanyama, who has threatened to take legal action over the claims, has also accused Shakila of smearing his name in dirt for fame.

But Wanyama, captain of Kenya’s national team, has hit back with a statement on Twitter furiously denying the “false and insulting” allegations.

The player – now at MLS side Montreal Impact – claimed both Shakila and publisher Mandela (Xtien Dela) were using the lie to boost their online presence.

Wanyama, 29, wrote: “My attention has been drawn to a video circulating online containing false, fabricated and insulting allegations aimed at scandalising my good name and reputation.

“I wish to distance myself completely from the contents of this defamatory video.

“The allegations made therein are a total fabrication and a figment of the maker’s imagination at best.

“I have NEVER met any party in the video.

“I strongly condemn the actions of both the woman in the video and the publisher of the video Arthur Mandela via his Instagram account @Xtiandela for encouraging the disparagement of character of individuals based on false accusatory statements.

“The allegations made are manifestly fictitious clearly meant to boost the online audience of both the maker and of the insulting allegations and publisher of the video.”

Wanyama’s statement continued: “I have worked long and hard to build my character and standing in the society.

“Such malicious, scandalising and false assertions about my name and character are UNACCEPTABLE to me, my family and institutions who have placed great trust in me.

“I am prepared to go to great lengths to protect my good name and character.

“Consequently, and with the blessing of my management team, I have instructed my legal team to pursue ALL legal remedies available to me and to which I have the unreserved right to seek.

“That is all I wish to state.”

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