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Crowds heckled President Uhuru after praising General Badi

President Uhuru Kenyatta found himself in a compromising situation after supporters of the embattled governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko in Nairobi heckled him when he attempted to shower accolades to General Muhammed Abdalla Badi ,who is the county’s administrator for allegedly carrying out his responsibilities with utmost efficiency and competence, while calling on them to support him.

Trouble began when Uhuru, who was speaking in a roadside rally in Pumwani ward where he had gone to empower Boda Boda riders on Friday indirectly exonerated himself from blame over Sonko’s tribulations and the complaints that the governor had earlier on, raised against him.

The head of state then broached the subject of General Badi administering Nairobi after its governor was barred from office by the High Court due to graft and related cases facing him, and also the absence of a deputy governor in the county. He claimed that Badi had done exemplary well and he therefore, deserved to be supported.

“To be frank….Badi has done a good job here and deserves to be supported, are we together?” Uhuru enquired.

“Sonko! Sonko! Sonko! Sonko!” Chanted the crowd continuously.

However, the head of state’s remarks did not auger well with the locals who started shouting governor Sonko’s name as a way of disapproving his opinion.

On seeing that they frowned on his sentiments, Uhuru took off from the scene in his motorcade to avoid more humiliation.

This happens after governor Sonko took a swipe at president Uhuru Kenyatta for ordering impromptu and inhumane demolitions in Nairobi, particularly Kibra along the railway and Kariobangi in order to pave way for the construction of national government mega projects.

Sonko argued that the president was hellbent on frustrating the development projects he (Mike Sonko) initiated using Badi.

Although Uhuru had at one time asked Sonko to forgive him, the latter asked the former to first, stop the dehumanizing demolitions.

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