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REVEALED :Why John Mbadi is a threat to Raila’s presidency.

By Onyango Ochieng Jr

He has always ranked among the worst-performing MPs in his constituency in all opinion polls including Infortrak ran by a fellow LUO. The best he ever scored was around 2014 at number 71 out of 290 MPs.

In his constituency, he represents the grotesque image of political gangsterism or simply call it “theft of the people’s will”.

Today he was among those condemning the violence in Kenol, Muranga. We all should condemn it anyway. But the problem with Mbadi here is that the ONLY way he can be relevant to politics is to ride on HATE and HYSTERIA, not his record and performance.

Any sane mind would have expected him as the ODM steward, career politician, and a long-serving MP to push the party to a corner to ensure all these young men who actively participate in demos are absorbed by the county governments especially in Homabay, Migori, and Kondele(Kisumu).

That he would push the widows of fallen party supporters to be absorbed.

That he would really push the party to meet Uhuru to bring more investors who can build factories that can absorb these guys; but he can’t, because he is just another deadweight riding on the tail of ODM for his individual cartel gains.

Who will speak for the ODM broken brave hearts, when the party chairman is busy working for the most-recent Muranga happenings! Has he finished advocating for party supporters who were slaughtered in his own county?

He doesn’t care, or he thinks those who made it alive long moved on, as the dead bury themselves; like the characters in the speech Saint Crispin Day by King Henry V.

Anyway, he is the ODM chairman, my party chairman. He is part of the small army of rats making the party immensely unpopular by eating it from within.

With his successive pathetic ratings based on mediocre performance; he is lusting to be Homabay governor so that he can make it regret again by turning it to HomaFAIL!

ODM would gain more chasing away Mbadi and shredding his disgusting history than fighting Ruto. Because, unlike Ruto whose support base is intact, Mbadi is working hard to ensure ODM supporters in Homabay are fatigued and disgruntled with the party.

Let me put it this way, to be politically relevant; Mbadi needs Raila than Raila needs Mbadi. He has nothing to add to the party even boosting its own confidence on the ground. Instead, he needs Raila to be relevant. He is like that lady who suffered chronic monthly periods and had to jump on Jesus’ clock to heal.

As he is here, he forgets that many ODM party youths lost lives and limbs. We are now in govt, he can’t push for their negotiated compensation; like IDPs were given billions from Treasury. You wonder whether he is a chairman or a conman.

Take away the collective hate for William Ruto, Mbadi remains imbecilic because he has no record to talk about. He is a eunuch of development; as useless as a castrated rat.

Behind him is Junet, one of the best-rated MPs in Nyanza. And one of those leaders who picked these boys you see insulting people online, and jaywalking around OH, then gave them jobs.

What Junet can see sleeping, Mbadi will never see in the next one billion years. Even if he makes it to heaven, he will never ever see for the next one gazzilion years.

Mbadi has a psychosis that needs an urgent diagnosis.

My party ODM has a lot to learn from CCM. The holder of this seat (party chairman) should be a party’s civil servant, a consensus builder; someone with zero political ambition like Dr. Bashiru of CCM, and utmost organization patriotism. Oh, I miss the days of ” diplomatic” HENRY KOSGEY.

As I retire to bed, allow me to paraphrase these words of USA statesman Alexander Hamilton(1757-1804) :

” The greatest threat to Raila presidency are charismatic despots, fake populists, and wannabe monarchs right inside ODM”

Achayo ndi.

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