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If You Have This Blood Group, Always consider yourself Lucky

Whenever we talk about being lucky, some people look at the body postures and maybe the things they possess. How, the most luckiest thing should be found within your body.

This is because your health matters a lot and should be considered before other things. When we talk about a blood group, this is how it comes.

In the cell membrane of a human being’s blood cell, there are two proteins which determines the type of blood group a person have. These proteins are Antigens and Antibodies.

There are two Antigens, A and B. If a person has antigen A, his or her Blood group is A, if it’s B the Blood group is B. If the person has both, he is AB Blood group and if he has none, then the Blood group is O.

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A person who has blood group AB is so lucky as he or she doesn’t have any antibody.

Therefore, in case he or she is in need of blood he or she can get it from any of the Blood groups above. The person can also give blood to any blood group.

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