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10 things girls only do when they have feelings for you, number 6 is funny

It is easy for you to know when a girl has feelings for you no matter how hard she is trying to keep it from you.

Girls don’t know how to keep their feeling hidden especially if it is deep. Once a girl has feelings for you, she will do some things that will show that she is in love with you.

If a girl has feelings for you, she will only do these 10 things.

1. She will want to be around you.

Any girl won’t want to be around you if it is not that has special feelings for you. A girl that has feelings for you, will want to be around you all the time even if it means skipping some of her appointments.

2. She will want to touch you all the time.

Any slight opportunity she has, she will want to use it. When you guys are talking or walking, she wants to touch you at all cost and once you notice this, she has feelings for you.

3. She will tell you deep things about her.

Women are considered as being the most secretive, and they hardly tell people their deep secrets, unless the person is special to them. Once a girl starts telling you deep things about her, just know she has feelings for you.

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4. She will want you to walk her home.

When a girl has feelings for you, she will want to make use of it every time to be with you. She wants you to be the last person she sees before sleeping and if possible even after waking up. When a girl starts insisting you walk her home, just know she has feelings for you.

5. She maintains a close distance when you’re together.

When a girl truly has feelings for you, she wants you guys body to always touch, and when you’re together, she will always maintain a close distance.

6. When there is an opportunity for you guys to kiss, she will kiss you right away.

When you’re about to kiss her, she just suddenly kisses you, just know she has feelings for you. No girl will kiss someone she doesn’t have feelings for.

7. She always wants to be with you alone.

8. She laughs aloud when you tell her jokes.

9. She always make sure there is eye contact between you two.

10. When she is in your apartment, she will always sit tight and close to you.

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