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Dear Men, No Matter What, Don’t Reveal These 4 Secrets To Your Wife

Its important as an Individual to have personal secrets in Marriage.

Being secretive sometimes helps. Sharing much of your secrets to anyone may one day lead you to trouble. Its important therefore as an individual to have your own personal secrets that you do not share with anyone.

In this case we have a relationship between wife and husband. Being open minded is good but being too open often comes with its own challenges.

There are some secrets which you are not supposed to share with your wife anyhow unless otherwise. But no matter what you may perceive, you will agree with me that some secrets are not mean’t to strengthen love but to weaken it.

Some secrets may also cause separation. Some say that its better to tell lies to make a woman happy than tell her the truth and hurt her. But its good though to say the truth even if it will be painful. Getting a wife is of the most treasured thing in the universe.

In fact the bible says that whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and gets favour from the Lord. But regardless of the type of a lady you get, please do not tell her the following 4 things:

1. Never share your bank details with her.

Things like passwords and PIN are private. In addition, your account balance should not be seen by anyone including your wife. The above information should be kept confidential. Sharing your bank details, and balance is not even advised since it appears unprofessional. They should be kept secret for your own good.

2. Do not share your previous intimate relationship or involvement with your ex girl friends.

This is actually a threat to your peace in the house since she will find it difficult trusting you.

Any occurrence of a conflict will be linked to your previous relationships.

Therefore do not, share or reveal your intimate experience and the worst part of the story is comparing it with the one you do have with her.

This actually do not make any sense because in the first place, she will feel that you have much than her. Its good to keep such things secret so lest it bring or cause conflicts between the two.

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3. Don’t tell her the names of girls you previously agreed to marry before you met her.

What a lady will never forget is the names of girls you previously dated. Those names cannot and will not be eroded in her mind. Please do not reveal them to her because any time she sees such a name in your phone then it will cause fresh conflicts.

Ladies are jealous and therefore do not want to share their men with others. Try as much as you can to avoid revealing such kind of information because it harms instead of strengthening your relationship.

4. Do not reveal your family secrets to her.

There are some secrets that should be kept in the family set up. You are not supposed to share them anyhow because it may be used as a weapon against you. Its good to trust your wife but over trusting her may not be fully safe for you. Its good therefore to keep your family secrets with your self.

It also shows how you respect your family by not revealing your secrets to outsiders. She may be your wife but the fact that she is an outsider remains.

Relationships and in this case marriage actually requires wisdom to deal with it and be able to manage them. Without wisdom you will be struggling to fix some issues in the relationship or marriage.

Some of these issues comes with failure to keep secrets. As a man therefore, you are required to keep secrets and make sure they are not revealed no matter what.

What do you have to say about this issue of keeping or revealing secrets?

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