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Dear Men,6 signs a woman is Madly in love with you

If you think that a particular girl is in love with you, look out for these signs.

If you didn’t see any of these signs I am going to list in this article, I am sorry to say it but that lady might not be in love with you at all.

These signs are;

1. If she often stares at you sometimes
A lady that is in love with you, but don’t know how to tell you will always stare at you from time to time.

This might be because she wants to think out a way to say it to you. This is one of the clear signs that she is madly in love with you.

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2. She will be canceling many of her activities, just to have time to spend with you
A lady that set aside some of her major duties and activities just to be with you is madly in love with you. This is another clear signs that she wants you.

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3. She will be playful a lot when she is around you
A lady that is always playful when she is around you is seriously in love with you. This is another clear sign that she can’t just resist you.

4. She often sends you sweet and loving messages that cheer up your heart.

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5. She will always smile when talking to you even when you are not cracking jokes.

6. She will spend most of her quality time talking to you.

Men, these are the common signs you will see in a woman that truly loves.

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