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Drama in Gilgil After a ‘Dead’ Police Officer Wakes Up And Goes Home In His Drunk State

There was a little bit of panic in Gilgil in the evening of yesterday after a police officer who was assumed to be dead after he was found lying unconscious beside the road was actually found alive but too drunk to Walk by himself.

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According to the reports given by the witnesses or rather locals, it was reported that they were at first afraid of getting close to the police officer as they thought that someone had Murdered him and dumped his body there.

However, things took a quick turn after some of the brave men went close to him and after feeling kicks in his pulse were able to take him out to the mud only to find out that he had only passed out and was not actually dead as many had claimed.

This brought about a little bit of panic in the area with alot of concerned Kenyans claiming that this was one of the most reckless things for a police officer to do especially since he could either get robbed by thugs or get killed by thugs or the rains.

This is happening at the same time when the country is continuously recording the highest number of unresolved mysterious deaths where people are getting killed in unsafe environments only to be dumped elsewhere by thugs in a move to hide their tracks.

Due to this reason, the government has asked Kenyans to work hand in hand with the police by giving them necessary information that could lead to the arrest of these suspects in order to reduce the number of criminals in kenya.


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