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Here are 10 Benefits Of Getting Married Late

When the vicissitude or life makes you to marry late, you are actually losing nothing. When others have gone ahead of you and when age is no longer on your side, never think that yours is finished. This is the secret:

1.) Being single for too long give you time to work on yourself and your rough edges. This season of waiting can also give God time to also work on your future spouse. Marriage is sweet and meaningful when two prepared, complete and whole people get married to each other.

2.) People who have been single for a very long time get to appreciate and value marriage, and will do everything possible to keep their marriage and also stay married.

3.) Staying single for too long will eventually make you to appreciate and value the person God will finally bring your way.

4.) Staying longer than necessary in singlehood is God giving you enough time to study life, which will make you unable to fail in marriage.

5.) People who have been single for long have spent much time to understand themselves, that they can express themselves to their future spouse without pretending or being crafty.

6.) Being single for too long gives you time to complete your single life’s curriculum. Marriage will be a burden when you carry over into marriage any thing you were supposed to achieve as a single person.

7.) Being single for too long gives you time to work on your bad character and anti-marriage lifestyles.

8.) Being single for a long time avails you the opportunity to see the mistakes of marriages that are failing so that you can effect the changes in your marriage when it finally comes.

9.) Waiting to get married helps you build a strong and solid financial, spiritual, professional, mental, emotional foundation for your anticipated marriage.

10.) Being single for too long give you the opportunity to work on your relationship with God. Good Relationship with God sponsors a good relationship with spouse and family.

Therefore if you are still single, you have an advantage over those who have gone ahead of You. So, learn well and learn very fast.

“You are not eligible for marriage because you are of age, you’re eligible for marriage because you’re prepared.”

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