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Panic As GSU Officers Are Brutally Shot In a Deadly Gun Battle With Suspected Bandits

Panic has grazed Igembe North in Meru county after a group of GSU officers who were on patrol were brutally shot by bandits.

According to sources the incident occurred last evening where several police officers were left nursing some serious gunshot wounds.

OB Statement
In a statement recorded at Ndumuru police station, the officers from GSU mariara camp were on patrol when they brushed shoulders with over 300 bandits alleged to be from the Trukana tribesmen.

During the attack reinforcement was requested, where officers from Asutu Bullu came to their rescue.


However sources have it a deadly gun fight erupted in the area where several police officers were left nursing serious injuries in the deadly gun fight.

Six injured officers from Astu Bullu were taken to Isiolo referral hospital for treatment and their names are as follows:

1.No.86908 Cpl Oliver Kaisha was shot on the right upper arm.

2.No.94907 Apc Dennis Mwita was shot on his abdomen,right thigh and right hand wrist.

3.No.98815 Apc Edward Njane was shot on his right hand.

4.No.108456 Apc Shalton Juma was shot on the abdomen.

5.No.115727 Apc Patrick Kiplangat was shot on both hands between the elbow and shoulders.

6.No.115739 Apc Eliud Kimutai suffered a gunshot bruise on his right thigh.

While for Gsu mariara the four injured officers were taken to Maua Methodist hospital and their names are as follows :-

1. No 110243 Pc Timothy Thuranira was shot on the left lower leg.

2. No 90711 Cpl Geoffrey Simiyu was shot on the right hand, left thigh and left side of the waist.

3. No 108514 Pc George Rosana was shot on the left thigh and back.



4. No 115383 Pc Harita Onyango was shot on the left hand.

The area is well known for its deadly attack by bandits, who are always armed to the teeth, however police officer have been trying to bring down these bandits who have wrecked havoc in the area.

According to sources more patrols by GSU officers have been intensified in the area.

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