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President Trump’s re-election hope fades away as Joe Biden overtakes him with 6 million votes

Attempts by US President Donald Trump to overturn the November 3 presidential election results, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden according to the projected poll results, appear not to bear fruits as the Republican expected.

Trump, who contested Bidens win in court, has repeatedly declared himself the legitimate winner of the election and alleged voter fraud by Democrats.

As of Friday, November 20, Biden had amassed a total of 80 million votes against Trump who was six million votes behind him at 74 million, CNN reported on Saturday, November 21. On the electoral college, Biden was ahead with 302 votes while Trump had 232.

On Saturday, Trump’s team was dealt yet another blow after a court upheld vote results in Pennsylvania.

He tweeted on Sunday, November 22, stating that he will “appeal” against the ruling.

No wonder. 900,000 fraudulent votes!” he claimed.

In Georgia, where Trump had requested a recount, the election was ratified two times.

The US head of state, however, applied for a third recount at taxpayers cost. Ballot counting is still ongoing in the US and once completed, Biden is expected to be sworn in as president on January 20.

About 19 days after the election day, Biden’s team has continued to express weary that Trump has stonewalled all efforts to pave way for a peaceful transition of power.

According to Biden, he is not receiving vital intelligence reports from Trump as president-elect and has to depend on vice president-elect Kamala Harris who has access to such confidential information.

Kamala is the Senator for Califonia. Biden and former US president Barack Obama have warned that Trump’s delay in easing the transition process has real-world effects on the well being of the US.

They have singled out the war against COVID-19 as one that will be hurt and stalled if Trump clings to power and does not involve Biden in decision making before January 20, 2021.

Meanwhile, Georgia has finished its statewide audit of the US presidential race, confirming that projected president-elect Biden defeated Trump.

A news release from the secretary of state’s office confirmed the completion of the statewide audit and its findings. The recount resulted in officials in four counties discovering a total of about 5,800 votes.

Trump has inched about 1,400 votes closer to Biden as a result but remains the loser.

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