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Raila: I Do Not trust Ruto on support for BBI, he’s a hypocrite

With DP Ruto’s change of mind concerning the Building Bridges Initiative still eliciting mixed reactions in the country, the former prime Minister has also reacted to DP Ruto’s new support for the BBI.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation in an exclusive interview, the former prime minister has disclosed more information on the Building Bridges Initiative.

Rails Odinga has however treated DP Ruto’s new support for the BBI with alot of suspicion calling him a hypocrite.

As established by the Sunday Nation today, Raila Odinga has reacted by telling Ruto to simply join them if he cannot not beat them.

He has also alleged that DP Ruto is simply playing political games with them as he did in 2010.

According to Raila, DP Ruto had signed a declaration in Naivasha in 2010 to support the new constitution but would later back down and join the church in opposing the new Referendum which would however pass.

He has also taken a swipe at DP Ruto for being the biggest beneficiary of the new constitution even after having opposed it calling him a hypocrite.

Raila has also wondered how comes DP Ruto is now supporting the 2010 constitution yet he was the same person that opposed.

“Those having a change of mind like Ruto are welcome to join, if you can’t beat them join them”, Raila has said.

Raila has further defended the Building Bridges Initiative from criticisms that it is currently not needed.


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